Individual Services

Tax Preparation
Resume & Cover Letter Crafting

Filing your taxes can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be! Drop your documents off in person or upload them online to have your taxes filed with no stress or hassle. No need to make appointments or wait in an office. Pink Cloud staffs registered tax preparers to handle your tax needs.

  • File tax returns for the current prior years
  • Settle debts owed to the IRS
  • Review previous tax filings for errors or omissions
  • File amended tax returns
  • Receive personalized information on how to decrease your tax liability with each return filing

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If you are looking to give your resume a professional appearance for online submission and in-person interviews, Pink Cloud is ready to help you. Please email your existing resume or your work experience and contact information to and we will create a unique, professional applicant bundle which includes:

  • A text-only file to copy & paste to your LinkedIn or Indeed profile
  • An editable cover page
  • A unique, industry-optimized resume that looks good in print and on screen
  • A reference page